Natalie and Miña

In her sweet, calm, and compassionate demeanor, Anjali made my entire birth experience perfectly unforgettable. Throughout my pregnancy Anjali was supportive and always encouraging. She accepted and understood all of our requests and wishes, no matter how crazy they seemed. I was always amazed how genuinely excited she was every time she talked to and felt the baby move. I knew that every appointment was about me (and the baby) and nothing else mattered.
I was lucky to have a quick labor, and wanted to start pushing before she had arrived. When I heard her peaceful voice on the phone say, “I’ll be there soon” I felt the confidence to know that everything would be ok. When I started to feel a little overwhelmed, I looked up at her and felt tranquility come over me, no words needed to be exchanged.
After the baby was born, she stayed at the house until I had asked every question I could possibly ask. No question went unanswered, and no matter how silly, every question was answered with confidence and love. We were so grateful to have her as our midwife. Anjali will continue to hold a special place in our lives and our hearts.